About us.



 The aviators of tomorrow are reclaiming the industry they love. The ideal solution to personal air travel is out there and Wind Craft Aviation is doing everything it can to develop it. We’re not just a company but a group of people with a common passion and a motivation to develop aviation so that it is safe and accessible.


4 years ago 14-year-old Alex Taylor built his first drone in his parents basement. Dubbing the following operating Wind Craft Quads he went on to become the youngest part 107 commercial drone pilot in the U.S. Undeterred by age and resources his mission is to pursue progress out of a place of selflessness to promote innovation in the aviation industry and in turn improve lives and uproot a culture of complacency. Alex Taylor has his masters degree in creativity and a minor in being “under-qualified”. 

 I believe aviation, even to this day, is the most untapped industry. A vast number of Americans have never flown, it’s inaccessible and uninteresting to the average person. I want to change that. Wind  Craft isn’t a company but a group of people with a common passion and a motivation to develop aviation so that it is safe and accessible. We want to enact change and innovation from where it grows best, the weekend welder, the millions of garages and hangars, the programmers and engineers in basements across the Midwest. We want to put the daredevils with the engineers and make something incredibly practical.  Wind Craft was formed in the first place was because I didn’t have an answer to a simple question. The question I keep asking myself was, “Why not?”. Why not start an organization to expand the horizons of aviation, research new technology and reach far beyond the ordinary to create something revolutionary? Why not reset the unwritten rules about what you can and cannot do in aviation whilst simultaneously raising the bar for safety and efficiency? I didn’t have an answer. Whether Wind Craft wins the competition in two years or not, I know what I will be working on. Until driving an automobile isn’t the most dangerous thing you do, until we stop covering grass with asphalt to facilitate it, I will do everything I can to change the way we fly. Looking forward Wind Craft will have been an idea that started with, “Why not Grand Rapids? Why not now?”


The potential for aviation is almost boundless. But the reality is that general aviation is inaccessible and uninteresting to the majority of Americans. A vast number of humans have never flown and never will. The problem? Complacency, the culture around aerospace turned form one of exploration and discovery to profit seeking and mass market appeal in the 1970’s. The industry knew all they needed to know in order to commercialize aviation. The curiosity that inspired humans to fly was replaced with bureaucracy and profit motive. Pilots, airlines and manufacturers became complacent in an industry that was pioneered with creativity and risk taking. When the motivation changed the industry applied an artificial cap to the influence of aviation, and now the industry is dying. Private aircraft ownership has fallen and municipal airports around the country are being abandoned. While commercial aviation is thriving your freedom to fly independently is being prohibited. At Wind Craft we spell progress R.I.S.K. What kind of risk? The kind that motivated a South African businessman to re-use rockets, the kind of risk that a bookstore in Seattle took when it went online. Big aerospace isn’t willing to risk losing their profit, we aren’t willing to risk NOT ushering in a new era of transportation. To understand the potential impact of Wind Craft  you have to look beyond the borders of America, Sally Jean isn’t a corporate luxury, it’s the potential for life saving transportation, time saving delivery, and accessibility to every corner of the globe faster and more efficiently than we ever have before. How can we not pursue an impact like that? We can’t.

Just The Facts


Wind Craft Aviation is striving to make personal aviation affordable, practical and efficient for everyone.


Developed locally by a team of 36 inventors, pilots, mechanics and engineers who share a common passion and vision for the future of aerospace. Sally Jean is a VTOL, aerial transition vehicle powered by 12 electric ducted fans.

  • Cruising Speed: 185MPH
  • Payload: 250lbs
  • Electric power: Hydrogen or Turbine Electric
  • VTOL

Our strategy is to design and build a reliable airframe and powerplant we can scale up and down for individual uses like; multi person transportation, package delivery and emergency services. When Sally Jean is market ready we will go back to the drawing board and continue researching the technologies that will progress personal aviation. The engineering reports of SJ and all of her features are available to investors. 


Wind Craft Aviation is an experimental aerospace company organized as an LLC based in Lowell, Michigan. For the past year a group of 36 volunteers, engineering students and professors, inventors, pilots, welders and mechanics have worked to make Sally Jean a game changing concept. Sally Jean is designed and built by those who love aviation for an industry that has disembodied the spirit of flight from the aircraft it inspired. 


Without exaggeration, everywhere and everything. 

SJ is the most advanced and flexible platform in the electric aircraft and personal transportation race. Not only is her commercialization possible, its inevitable. SJ is faster, cheaper and more efficient with less infrastructure displacement than any other concept on the market right now.

Our Plan

The Midwest has been loyal to Wind Craft and Wind Craft is ready to give back to the Midwest. The future of aviation can and will be developed in West Michigan with support from the community here. We’re here to stay, we’re here to make an impact.

We Have

November 2017

Wind Craft opens our first office at the Lowell airport to help facilitate designing the aircraft where we fell in love with the local airport and established our vision for a new transportation super center located in the small town of Lowell. We’ve been active in the community ever since contributing to events like SMATs’ community day and Start Gardens 100 Ideas project.

October-May 2018

Wind Craft collectively designed an early rendition of Sally Jean (SJ) to Boeing’s’ safety and size standards but deviated in applied technologies and commercial viability to design a truly game changing aircraft over the course of 9 months with 1 partner organization and 2 sponsors.

We Are

July 2018

We are exhibiting at EAA Airventure to promote the new era in aviation at the worlds largest airshow. Flying straight from Oshkosh to Washington D.C. Alex is helping CompTIA rewrite drone standards for the growing industry,

June-September 2018

Wind Craft is working with development partners to create scale models and complete benchmark testing before the end of September 2018. Wind Craft is further developing our business model and working with investors to fund the development of Sally Jean.

July-November 2018

Wind Craft is kicking off a season of fund raising starting with crowd funding being launched in July, initial investment and series A inquiries with venture capital funds and state grants following.

December 2018

Using the funds raised in July Wind Craft will be able to purchase the components in Sally Jean and bench mark test each one to make sure they perform to the limits outlined in our report. By December we want to have a fully functional 3/4 scale vehicle to conduct our first round of testing.

We’re not even close to finished….

The relationship between Wind Craft Aviation and Inventors Industries.

Inventors Industries imitates the culture of non-complacency at Wind Craft and takes it to the next level in every other industry. Redefined education to empower self motivated learners, creative resources to utilize that knowledge for good, mentorship and incubation to impact the masses and grow your own business. A place where people become really good at breaking the rules for all the right reasons. Read more about Inventors Industries HERE.

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