Lowell City Airport

    A project of this magnitude requires a lot of resources Wind Craft currently does not have. We want to make sponsoring Wind Craft not only an investment and brand exposure but a good-willed mission to bring aviation and entrepreneurship alive for the next generation. The exposure we foresee is exponential, as the founder and CEO the vision I have for Wind Craft is one that will be fulfilled over many years, starting right now. Being frank, I am apart of that new generation. Having unique experiences in my life has given me perspective not usually possessed by my peers. It has helped me find my purpose at a young age and pursue it whole-hardheartedly. I personally guarantee the benefits of contributing to our mission will be felt for decades as we continue to break new ground on our ambitious goals. My goal is to have a fully formed team working on prototyping our entry in the Go Fly contest by January 2018. We need computers, 3D printers, and funds to open up our creative workspace and hangar at the airport. Please call or email me day or night, meet me at the office or schedule a meeting. Wind Craft is the vessel of my passion for aviation and bettering the lives around me, I would love to talk about it with you.

Sincerely Alexander Taylor,



Office: Lowell City Airport 700 Lincoln Lake Rd. Lowell Mi.

Current Sponsors; Lowell City Airport as of Dec 2017