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 Community Support for Lowell Makerspace

Azimuth Aerospace Support for Makerspace of Lowell

Origin of the Initiative

   As Wind Craft progressed in assembling a team and planning for the Go Fly Competition we couldn’t ignore the persistent need for more creative outlets in our communities. When we see a need we generally take action. We have officially started the Lowell Makerspace initiative in an effort to use our future resources more effectively and have a larger impact on the community.

Our Vision

   Our Goal is to bring the community together to inspire, educate and advocate for people of all ages to think outside the box. A place that fosters innovation by providing the right resources and the right guidance is where break-through technology is born. In education, schools are cutting funding to programs that exercise creativity and intellectual skills due to falling test scores and resources being allocated elsewhere. Makerspaces have proven time and time again to be ground zero for new technology. Introducing people of all ages to experiences they would otherwise forego in the areas of science and technology is crucial to the future of our world. None of this can become a reality without funding. In order to achieve the necessary funds we have opened the door for corporate sponsors to support this initiative. We already have support from influential community leaders and industries but monetarily we are falling far short of funding this project and cannot do it on our own. Consider this your invitation to become involved and join the team to have an impact on our community! Contact Alex Taylor at the bottom of the “Home” page.

Progress Report

  We’ve assembled a team from industries in the fields of electronics, mechanics, engineering and woodworking to volunteer time and resources to educate and guide the people of our community. Thanks to Azimuth Aerospace Solutions and their commitment to providing the tools to help anyone and everyone experiment with electronics!

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Community Support for Lowell Makerspace

Azimuth Aerospace Support for MakerSpace of Lowell