A letter from the Founder

     I believe aviation, even to this day, is the most untapped industry. A vast number of Americans have never flown, it’s inaccessible and uninteresting to the average person. I want to change that. Wind  Craft isn’t a company but a group of people with a common passion and a motivation to develop aviation so that it is safe and accessible. We want to enact change and innovation from where it grows best, the weekend welder, the millions of garages and hangars, the programmers and engineers in basements across the Midwest. We want to put the daredevils with the engineers and make something incredibly practical. This is where Go Fly ( www.goflyprize.com ) and Boeing come in, as a “launch pad” this could not have happened at a better time. Building a team of the finest aviators, machinists and engineers will not be easy but I know Grand Rapids is up for the challenge. Starting from scratch, in an office with one computer, it doesn’t get any more nitty-gritty than that. Thankfully this isn’t a secular effort, Wind Craft is based on the community around it. Developing a prototype means everybody gains from the knowledge, attention and resources that will be made available to anybody who believes and wants to contribute to the mission of Wind Craft Aviation. Not only that but by partnering with local airports we want to make Grand Rapids synonymous with innovation and the beginning of an era in aviation. The reason Wind Craft was formed in the first place was because I didn’t have an answer to a simple question. The question I keep asking myself was, “Why not?”. Why not start an organization to expand the horizons of aviation, research new technology and reach far beyond the ordinary to create something revolutionary? Why not reset the unwritten rules about what you can and cannot do in aviation whilst simultaneously raising the bar for safety and efficiency? I didn’t have an answer. Whether Wind Craft wins the competition in two years or not, I know what I will be working on. Until driving an automobile isn’t the most dangerous thing you do, until we stop covering grass with asphalt to facilitate it, I will do everything I can to change the way we fly. Looking forward Wind Craft will be an idea that started with, “Why not Grand Rapids? Why not now?”, and I am personally very excited about how you can be apart of that.

Our Origins

    Started by Alex Taylor when he was 15, Wind Craft was a company founded on the “drone revolution”. Beginning in 2016 he started with a shop in his basement building custom multi-rotors to sell to local enthusiasts. In late 2016 the attention of the company shifted to commercial drone applications and Alex became the youngest at the time to take his Part 107 FAA exam and pass, making him the youngest commercial drone pilot. Since then Wind Craft has been actively engaged in the unmanned aerial system community.

     The Future is unwritten for Wind Craft Aviation. In October 2017 as a collaboration of entrepreneurs and engineers, Wind Craft Aviation has set its sights on the Go Fly prize. Operating out of Grand Rapids Michigan, Wind Craft is organizing to take on personal aviation. With a dedicated community and strong group of experts we believe we are up to the task of revolutionizing the way we fly. Using new energy storage technology and lighter composites, a safe and efficient alternative to cars is coming. Fueled by creativity and driven by ingenuity our team is motivated to get working. The next home for progress is Wind Craft Aviation. The next home for change is Grand Rapids.