Our Mission

The advancement of personal aviation through creativity, engineering and collaboration.


Sustaining the world we live in while still advancing technology into a new age.


Our goal is to make air travel accessible to everyone.


Designed intuitively to make flying understandable and achievable.

We can only accomplish what people like us have the audacity to dream up and the motivation to create.

Alex Taylor

Alex Taylor

Founder, CEO

Founding Wind Craft in 2016 to build unmanned aerial systems, he has since used Wind Craft as a vessel to revolutionize aviation and his community Incorporating more than 5 organizations and 30 people from a dozen disciplines in the creation of "Sally Jean"

Alex VanHostlyn

Alex VanHostlyn

Team member, Adviser

A patented inventor and adviser to Alex Taylor at Wind Craft, Alex has been invaluable in the creation of Sally Jean

Adam Marquardt

Team Member, Student

Adam has been one of the corner stones of our design work at Calvin College, Adam is extremely versatile and is in his junior year studying mechanical engineering.

Kashyap Sigdel

Kashyap Sigdel

Team Member, Student

Kash was the first Calvin student to join the project and has worked on aerodynamic analysis making sure Sally Jean has the right airfoil.

Nathan Slagter

Nathan Slagter

Team Member, CNC Engineer

Nathan is an entrepreneur and highly skilled machinist lending his expertise to prototyping Sally Jean. He's extremely passionate about the impact of the next generation of aviation and is a founding member of Inventors Industries.

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